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Looking for something different to the regular yoga class on offer? Perhaps a class that offers a wider range of options for most poses that support your unique needs.  Or a boutique class where a sense of community is nurtured.


Seaire Yoga offers smaller size classes in a variety of yoga styles and private mentoring that is tailored to your individual situation and adjusted according to your changing needs.

Our yoga resources you to live life more mindfully and supports you to have a loving and healthy relationship with your body, your mind and your emotional self. This is about You!

Our unique combination of yoga can help you to stop feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, worried and tired.  We offer a range of yoga opportunities that foster relaxation, restoration, connection to body and senses, and harmony and tranquility; leaving you more able to accept the ups and downs life brings.


We are relationship oriented and believe in having a kinship to support and guide us on our journey.  Let Seaire Yoga be your community.


For a fully enriching experience keep an eye out for future retreats or contact us today to see how we can support your yoga journey.


Great individual attention at this yoga class. I found it was a very enjoyable session for beginners and intermediate level yoga. I would recommend this yoga business.


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