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Hello! My name is Debbie and in 2012 I became a qualified yoga teacher in Hatha and Viniyoga and provide group and private classes in and around Geelong and occasional retreats.

The love of yoga crept up on me.  My zest for teaching yoga was acquired after a much needed yoga retreat. My life was busy! Like most of us. For the first time in 20 years my body, mind and spirit aligned and I was able to feel completely alive. I then made a commitment to myself to continue feeling joy and happiness by following my passion for yoga. I choose to share yoga with those who know there is more, who can feel a calling deep in their soul to reconnect with their body, mind and spirit.

These classes attract predominantly women, although men are welcome. My yoga classes are an organic blend originating in Hatha and incorporating Somatics, Yin yoga, Restorative, Viniyoga, and Flowchild Yoga.

If you are searching for a big-group class, yoga to sweat the weight off, and an intense cardiac work-out - there are plenty of those around. This is not one of those. If you want to experience joy and inner peace - give this yoga a go. My classes are boutique in size. There are options that suit each unique body and it allows for individual attention.


Yoga has reshaped my life and helped me to heal. Let yoga support you to find your love for yourself and for life again. Find a class that is perfect for your Yoga experience here.


200 hr

70 hr

50 hr

20 hr

8 hr


RYT Certificate (Santosha Yoga)

Insight Yoga Teacher - Mindfulness, Yang and Yin (Sarah Powers)

Flowchild Yoga Teacher (Flowchild Yoga)

Wellness Yoga and Healthy Movement Education Training

Foundation Level (Wellness Yoga)

Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers (Kay Tribe)

Matrix Therapist and Archetypal Life Coach (Evolve Now)

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